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Takemitsu Takemitsu3   Toru Takemitsu Composer Takemitsu (1930-1996) was best known for combining traditional Japanese instruments (e.g., biwa (lute) and shakuhachi (bamboo flute)) with the Western symphony orchestra.

Takemitsu at
Uchida Mitsuko Uchida 2   Mitsuko Uchida Born in Japan and raised in Austria, pianist Mitsuko Uchida (1949?- ) is one of the leading Mozart interpreters.

Uchida at
Midori 2 Midori   Midori Violinist Midori was born in Osaka in 1971.

Midori at
Yoshimatsu   Takashi Yoshimatsu Photo:Chris Skarbon Born in 1953, composer Yoshimatsu draws upon the world's musical styles.

Yoshimatsu at
Fukuda   Shin'ichi Fukuda Born in Osaka in 1955, this classical guitarist often performs with other musicians in a wide variety of genres.

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Ozawa   Seiji Ozawa Ozawa (1935- ), the best-known Japanese conductor, is the music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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